Fun Sunday School Activities for Teens

Updated April 17, 2017

Impress upon teens the importance of their faith and closeness to each other through Sunday school activities. Sunday school leaders can help teens build character and acceptance between each other with icebreakers, educational material, life lessons and biblical games during Sunday school. Encourage teens to be involved in the Word of God with fun Sunday activity school activities that they can be excited about.


Playing an icebreaker game is an engaging way for teens to get to know one another and bond more closely during Sunday school. Print multiple copies of an icebreaker handout (see Resources section), such as various ways that people might describe themselves. Distribute the handout to the teenagers to work on individually. Teens can answer questions such as, "How do you think others who know you would describe you?" or "What kind of person would you most want or least want as a best friend?" Teens can work together in groups and share with each other how they think they come across to others, and why.


Teens in Sunday school can participate in activities that teach them about the Bible. Print out a word search of Bible authors. Break teens up into groups to study the books of the Bible and try to find the names of all of the authors of the Bible. Have students study the memorable moments in Acts. You can break students up into groups and have them read designated verses in Acts. Then students can answer questions about the apostle Paul after their reading. See Resources for biblical worksheets.

Life Lessons

Through Sunday school activities, you can teach teens valuable life lessons based on Jesus' teachings. Play a kindness activity with your teens. Give teens paper strips, with the names of a person in the class on each strip of paper. Have them write one positive comment next to the name of each person. At the end of the lesson, have students collect all the strips of paper with their names on them. Teens will not only be pleased with all the kindnesses their peers had to say about them, but they also will note the positive effects of spreading kind words.


Organise classic games with a religious spin for teens to play during Sunday school. Create a Bible "Jeopardy" game and write categories on sticky notes, such as "Apostles," or "New Testament versus Old Testament." Write topic questions on the inside of the sticky notes to go underneath the categories. Have the point value facing the class so teens can pick their categories and point values while playing. Have them play "Bible hangman" and choose a category to tell the class, such as "Gospel writers." One person will write on the board a number of blank spaces corresponding to the subject or person he is thinking of. In this example, if the Gospel writer is Mark, he would write four blank lines and have students guess letters until someone correctly guesses or the hangman is fully drawn.

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