The best gifts for 19-year-old college girls

Shopping for teen girls can be a challenge, but if the teen in your life just went off to college, shopping just might be easier. Think about her needs inside and outside of the classroom, and get to know what activities she's participating in at school. A 19-year-old college girl will appreciate a gift that is both useful and thoughtful, so make sure your gift aligns with her interests.

Sorority Gear

If the 19-year-old girl in your life recently rushed a sorority, then her life might be consumed by pledge meetings and social events with her new sisters. Plus, she's surely proud of her new association. Let her show off her sorority letters by giving her a sorority-related gift. Small items include a number plate frame or key chain with her sorority letters on it. You can also get her a T-shirt or sweatshirt in her sorority's colours or even an embroidered jacket with her letters on it.

Dorm Room Decor

A 19-year-old college girl is likely adjusting to college life and living with roommates. Whether she's in an on-campus dorm room or off-campus apartment, she will appreciate a gift that makes her new place feel like home. High-end gifts include flat-screen televisions for her bedroom or living room. She'll appreciate other decorative items, like candles or floral centrepieces, to add to her new digs. Make her a photo collage of pictures from back home so that she can reminisce about her family and friends.

Technology Must-Haves

Technology and college students go hand in hand, and the more technological gadgets the 19-year-old girl can have, the better. If she has moved to college out of state, give her a cell phone with a plan that has plenty of minutes and messages so that she can stay in touch with people back home. Check her school's computer requirements, and surprise her with a laptop or desktop to help her with her studies. Or, give her a new hand-held computer like an iPad, which is portable enough that she can take it to class and use it to take notes.

School Gear

If your 19-year-old recipient is a big sports fan, get her prepared for the season by giving her gear in her school's colours. Fitted T-shirts, tank tops and colourful beaded necklaces are feminine looks that your girl can sport to her first college football or basketball game. If she's sportier, suit her up with a team hat and jersey. These gifts will come in handy, as your sports-focused gal is likely to attend plenty of sporting events in the next four years.

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