What colors complement a chocolate brown couch?

Brown can be used to create impressive effects in interior design. Different shades of brown teamed with lighter colours can give a warm and earthy feel to a room and promote feelings of peace and well-being. A chocolate brown couch can bring clean lines to a room when complemented by the right surroundings.

Lighter Shades of Brown

The depth of colour a chocolate brown couch has means that it won't work well with darker browns or blacks. It also won't be complemented by wood features with an orange or deep oak finish. Very light brown or beige cushions provide a reserved splash of colour and add to the earthy feel of the room. For this reason, a chocolate brown couch also goes well with light pine furniture or flooring.

Off White

The contrast between chocolate brown and brilliant white will clash. However, a white with a creamy finish or hint of grey or blue will offer a more subtle effect and create a more fluid feel to your room. Avoid any hints of orange unless you are looking to produce a 1970s, retro feel.

Light Pink

Light pink and chocolate brown are often used to stylish effect by chocolatiers and professional cake makers. To pull this off in a living room you need neutral walls and a lot of light. Don't go to dark with your pinks, as this can clash. Pink and brown isn't the most masculine of combinations, but it can work well in a minimalist setting.

Chocolate Brown

For a truly minimalist feel, and to maintain continuity, accessorising your couch with items of the same colour can create an ordered space and an uncluttered feel. This works particularly well with neutral-coloured walls and light wood or off-white flooring, perhaps with a hint of grey.

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