Games That Teach Christian Values

Written by laurel cleary
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  • Introduction

    Games That Teach Christian Values

    The best way to teach Christian values is by example. Games can help with this. Games with Christian themes used to be the norm, such as the early 1800s game called "The New Game of Virtue Rewarded and Vice Punished." It was advertised as being "designed with a view to promoting progressive improvement of the juvenile mind, and to deter them from pursuing the dangerous paths of vice." Some games still teach Christian values explicitly, while in others the values, while generally Christian, may be stated less obviously. In both cases, their teaching is strengthened by your active involvement.

    Parents can use games to teach their children Christian values. (Game image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from

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    Board Games

    Classic board games that model Christian values include "Life," "Monopoly," "Chutes & Ladders" and "Chess." They stress such qualities as self-control, consequences, fairness and patience. In addition, there are Christian-specific versions of classic games, such as "Bibleopoly," "Apples to Apples Bible Edition" and "Bible Trivia." There are also Christian games that stand on their own, such as "Inheritance" and the "Choices" series that includes "Family," "Kids" and "Teen" versions.

    Chess develops concepts of patience and consequences. (stand out image by nutech21 from

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    Party Games

    Some games lend themselves well to play by larger groups and make teachable times at gatherings fun and exciting, which promotes learning. Party games that are not specifically Christian but that deal with moral choices include "Scruples" and "If You Had to Choose." Faith-based games of this type are "Scattergories Bible Edition" and "Bible Charades."

    Games played at parties are fun and can promote Christian values. (group of kids playing image by Cristina Cazan from

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    Physical and Mental Games

    Organised games of physical and mental prowess can also teach Christian values. Team sports such as soccer and baseball teach about effort and encouragement, sacrifice and responsibility, respect and fairness, overcoming and humility. In Bible Quizzing, organised by the World Bible Quiz Association, teams of students who have thoroughly studied a passage of the Bible compete to gain points based on the accurate display of their knowledge. The aim is "to encourage the study of scripture and the development of faith in Christ."

    Sports such as soccer promote ideas like effort, sacrifice and fairness. (youth soccer 2007-002 image by John R. Amelia from

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    Video Games

    Though some video games have been maligned for promoting undesirable values such as sex and violence, there are video games that uphold Christian values. Among these are the "Left Behind" series, "Heaven Quest" and "One Nation Under God: America's Christian Founders." Simple computer games with Christian themes, suitable for young children, also are available online. With a little research, your gamers can find Christian video game entertainment.

    Christian video games are more available than you might think. (black video games controler or games pad image by Warren Millar from

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