What is the best color for a floor in the bathroom?

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're adding a bathroom to your home or want to do some renovations on an existing home rest room, you'll want to ensure that the colours in the space are consistent with your design preferences. Choosing the right floor colour for your bathroom space can completely change the look of the area, making your bathroom a bright and functional room or a section of the home that promotes relaxation.


Gray is a neutral colour that will complement the bathroom well since it goes with a variety of colour schemes, from light, pastel colours like yellow and pistachio green to deep hues like hunter green or burgundy. If you've decided to go with a grey bathroom floor, chances are you also have grey tile in the shower or accenting the mirror and sink areas. Gray bathroom floors will look modern and sleek in tile or rustic and timeless when made from stone materials.


Bathroom tile in a neutral shade like tan or beige matches with virtually any other decor you put in the space; materials like vinyl are ideal for floors in this colour since the material is moisture resistant and flattering in a lighter shade. To go for a more sophisticated look, beige tile with streaks of white or darker brown hues will make the bathroom especially welcoming; dark-coloured linens or shower curtains work well with this type of flooring. If the bathroom is connected to a bedroom that has tan carpet, bathroom floors in the same colour scheme make the entire area appear larger.


Black bathroom flooring is best reserved for the modern bathroom with lots of space as the colour will make this part of your home seem especially comfortable and intimate. Black tile or granite flooring is particularly impressive if the rest room has a black and white theme and adds even more contrast to the space if you want to use a pop of colour like red or purple among the black and white decor.


If you've selected an array of colours for the bathroom, a multicoloured floor made in a mosaic theme or from tiles in different hues is best. A mosaic design in the centre of the bathroom floor that fits the bathroom theme, such as a star or goldfish, is appealing for a children's bathroom. Simple themes that can work with various types of decor, like a series of squares in varying tile colours that match the linens, work well in the powder room or master bathroom.

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