The best sunglasses for a large head

Updated February 21, 2017

Optical sensitivity to sunlight, protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and the desire to look cool are some of the reasons people wear sunglasses. Whatever the reason, it's important to buy a pair that fit well and suit your face. Most sunglasses are made to fit the average-sized head, so if you have a plus-size head, you may need guidance to find the right pair for you.

Plus-size sunglasses

Believe it or not, some companies manufacture lines of sunglasses specifically for people with plus-size heads. Plus-size sunglasses can be found on the World Wide Web and in High Street shops as well if you're willing to search the shelves, but it can be difficult to find them at every location.

Specially made sunglasses

Purchasing sunglasses from an optician's office gives you access to a greater array of frames, increasing the odds of locating the perfect fit. You'll get individual attention at the opticians, where they'll be able to measure your face and steer you in the direction of frames that fit. Even if they don't have a wide variety of sunglasses, you can always purchase frames and have non-prescription, tinted lenses put in them. If you need prescription lenses, you're already in the right place.

Appropriately-sized sunglasses

When you have a larger head, it's important to choose the appropriate size and shape to enhance your appearance. Steer clear of sunglasses that are too large or too small. A huge pair of sunglasses will only make your head look larger and give you a bug-like appearance. Sunglasses that are too small will disappear on your face and make you look as if you are wearing children's sunglasses. Choose a pair between the two extremes that are in proportion to your face.

Appropriately shaped sunglasses

Shape is another important factor when it comes to choosing sunglasses for a large head. Choose the shape of your sunglasses to contrast with the shape of your face. For instance, angular-shaped sunglasses with high temples will flatter a round face. A square face should choose oval or round-shaped frames to soften the angles of your face. Sports sunglasses often fit a larger head better and provide a flattering look. A wide bridge will often give a better fit as well.

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