How to Stabilize A-Frame Swing Sets

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Children love to swing and they enjoy having their own swing sets in the backyard. It is vitally important that consideration is given to safety issues. Parents must ensure their child's swing set is stable and secure. A moving or rocking A-frame provides an uncomfortable swing that can be jarring and potentially dangerous. There are purpose-made stabilisers available but sometimes they are insufficient, as they work themselves loose over time. To anchor a swing set safely, consider using a kit designed for heavier structures.

Ensure that the area for the swing set is perfectly level and ground is firm. Lay a protective surface if using. Assemble swing set frame, following manufacturer's directions; adjust the legs as necessary. Do not assemble swings until frame set is secured.

Make starter holes in ground, very close to base of swing set legs, using a heavy iron spike and sledgehammer. Screw anchors into the ground with a straight rod until the anchor eye is at ground level. Set anchors in at a slight angle, with anchor eyes pointing away from swing set.

Secure turnbuckles vertically to top of the A-frame horizontal bar, no more than 2 inches in. You will have to drill or hammer small holes in the frame to accept turnbuckles unless the frame has been pre-drilled. Turnbuckle hooks should point downward.

Thread wire cable, included in a purchased anchor kit, through one anchor eye. Secure with a wire rope clip. Take the cable up through the turnbuckle and secure it to the anchor eye at the base of the other leg. Tighten the cable by screwing the turnbuckle. Ensure that the cable is secured tightly against the swing set frame with cable clips to prevent child pinching fingers accidentally. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the frame.

Encase all protruding parts by taping foam sheet around them. Finish assembling the swing set by adding swings.

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