What paint color goes well with cherry wood?

Written by chris newton | 13/05/2017
What paint color goes well with cherry wood?
Cherry wood matches a variety of colours. (wood cherry bedroom image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from Fotolia.com)

When choosing paint colours to match cherry wood, consider the characteristic of its grain pattern, as well its colour. Personal style also comes into play as various hues can be used alongside cherry wood, each with its own style characteristics. When designing your space, remember that too many cherry wood pieces in one space will make the space appear crowded and busy. Arrange furnishings in an orderly and streamlined manner.


Cherry wood has depth and presence, allowing it to stand up against darker and more intense colours, such as royal blue, wine red, hunter green and even mustard yellow. These colours are intense, but still harmonic enough to create balance in the design. Dark colours create a low contrast in the space, as they allow the wood to blend in, instead of standing out on its own.


Earthy tones bring a casual element to the formality of cherry wood. These tones also bring a modern touch to dated cherry wood furnishings. Pastel greens, grey-blue and ivory all create a subtle, neutral look in the design.


The dark cherry wood finish stands out sharply against light tones. These paint colours call attention to the wood, and are ideal for highlighting a fine furniture piece. A tint of light green, light blue or dusty yellow with brown or grey undertones will create high contrast in the design.

Colour and Wood

Finding fabric or wall colours to enhance cherry wood is as simple as looking at the wood itself. Examine the dominant hues in the finish; cherry wood hues are rich reds mixed with brown. Red paint will bring out red tones of the cherry wood, while a purple shade such as lapis will complement the darker hues within the wood.

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