What goes with mint green walls?

Painting your walls mint green will lend a fresh and clean feel to any room, but once you've made your colour choice and finished your brush work, you'll need to consider what furniture and accessories will compliment your new colour scheme. Houzz contributor Becky Harris believes combining mint green with different tones can create a wide range of emotional moods.

Geometric patterns

Interiors website House to Home recommends combining mint green walls with geometric patterns. Use lamp shades with strong geometric patterns on a neutral background. If you're planning on laying carpet or tiles in your mint green walled-room, go for something dark with a light pattern. Black and white-themed artwork, furniture and accessories will also compliment your elegantly-coloured mint green surroundings.

Expert colour scheming advice

The precise tone of your mint green walls will influence what type of colour scheme will go well with them. Use Dulux's Colour Click system to get suggestions on what might work well. You'll need a digital camera and a Colour Click card, which you can order from the Dulux website or pick up at a DIY store. Once you've taken a picture and uploaded it to the Colour Click site, you'll receive a selection of colour scheme suggestions tailored to the precise tone of your walls.

Rustic flair

Mint green can work well with vintage furniture and accessories that have a country feel to them, according interior design and architecture website Home Edit. If your mint green walls are in a bedroom, use pale old window shutters as a headboard. Take a look around some antique shops for Victorian and Georgian chandeliers. Place candles inside mason jars to light your mint green walls subtly.


Green furniture can go well with mint green walls, since the eyes are not disturbed by colours of the same palette range. Most shades of green convey a natural, fresh feeling. Light-coloured furniture and accessories bring out mint green’s coolness. Put darker items against your mint green walls, especially mahogany and teak furniture, to create a timeless, classic style. Gold features, such as picture frames, can also work with mint green. Gold works in harmony with the yellow of the green and adds accents of gilded charm.

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