How to Extend an Omega Bracelet

You can extend an Omega watch bracelet by adding a new bracelet link to the watch band. Omega watches have adjustable metal-linked bracelet-type watch bands with removable link-pins. A simple screw-type link pin remover tool is needed to remove the pin that holds the links together so that you can extend the bracelet by inserting a new bracelet link.

Examine the Omega watch bracelet links and locate the arrows. Insert the bracelet into the screw-type link pin remover with the arrow facing the left and the screw handle of the remover on the right. The arm of the pin remover should be sitting in the hollow tubelike end of the first link with an arrow on it.

Screw in the link pin remover to move the arm out and push the pin out of the link. Set the pin aside. Remove the watch bracelet from the tool.

Align the new bracelet link with the links of the bracelet. Set the bracelet in the pin-remover tool, with the arrow facing the left and the screw on the right. Screw it in to push the arm through the link hole.

Insert the pin into the hole and unscrew the tool to back the pin into the hole. Push it in all the way with the extra pin provided with the extra bracelet link.

Things You'll Need

  • Omega bracelet links
  • Screw-type link pin remover
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