How to Download Pictures From a Samsung to a Computer Without a USB Cable Cord

Written by keith patrick | 13/05/2017
How to Download Pictures From a Samsung to a Computer Without a USB Cable Cord
Samsung phones can also send audio and video via Bluetooth. (Erika Goldring/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

You can send pictures from your Samsung phone to your computer using Bluetooth technology. All Samsung phones include Bluetooth capabilities, and can send up to 10 photos at once to another Bluetooth device. Your computer must have Bluetooth turned on for the transfer to work correctly. It should only take a few minutes to upload the photos to your computer.

Turn on your Samsung phone and wait for the device to start up.

Press the "Menu" button on the phone and open the "Media" application from the home page. Scroll down and select the "Images" section.

Highlight an image you want to send to your computer. Press the "Options" button and select "Send Via." Choose the "Bluetooth" option.

Turn your computer on and make sure that Bluetooth is activated. Check the computer's user manual for instructions on activating Bluetooth.

Scroll down the list of photos on your phone and select the images you want to send via Bluetooth. Select the "OK" button. The phone tales a few minutes to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Keep your phone as close as possible to the computer.

Select your computer from the list of devices when it appears on your phone. The picture transfer begins automatically and the phone notifies you when the process is complete.

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