How to Use Newsgroups on an Ipad

Updated July 20, 2017

Although newsgroups have been superseded in many ways by Internet services such as discussion forums, blogs and social networking sites, they continue to be widely used. Accessing a newsgroup server on a device such as the iPad requires a third-party application -- called a "newsreader" -- which can display existing newsgroup chats, sign into them, and allow you to participate. Newsgroups differ from forums by focusing more on a specific topic, which newsgroup members post their comments on.

Launch the App Store on your iPad by tapping its icon on the home screen.

Tap the "Categories" button to browse the App Store, or tap the "Search" button, and enter a search term to find a suitable newsreader app, such as NewsTap, PhoNews or Unison.

Tap the entry for your newsreader app in the search results to open its listing page, and tap the "Buy" button. Tap the button again to download and install the newsreader app on your iPad.

Launch the newsreader app, and tap the button to add a new newsgroup server's connection details. Consult the app's documentation to locate this button, as each application is different.

Open the list of newsgroups, and tap the entry for the one you want to access. A list of current discussions will be displayed for you to read.

Tap the button to connect to a specific newsgroup if you want to participate. Enter your post into the text box using the iPad's on-screen keyboard, and press the "Enter" key to post it to the group.


Many newsreader apps allow you to connect briefly to your favourite newsgroups, and will automatically download and store new articles for offline reading. Reading and connecting are two different things, and typically you won't be able to participate until you've specifically connected to a newsgroup.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad newsreader app
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