How to Put Together a Puzzle Eraser

Erasers come in all shapes, sizes, forms and pieces. One form erasers come in is a puzzle cube. Puzzle cube erasers generally arrive assembled. Consumers take apart the puzzle and put it back together again. The amount of times you can do this depends on if you use the eraser and how gently you handle the fragile pieces. The puzzle pieces come in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns.

Separate the pieces of the puzzle eraser. Lay them on a flat surface.

Pick up one of the pieces. Hold it against the others to see if it fits. When you find the piece that fits, push it into place. Remember, because it is a cube, some pieces fit at a 90 degree angle.

Pick up another piece of the puzzle. Find out if it connects to one of the two pieces already put together. If it doesn't, try more pieces until you find the match. Continue doing this until the puzzle is complete.


Do not put too much pressure on the teeth of the puzzle pieces. Erasers can crumbly easily.

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