How to connect an iPod to speakers

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Hooking up an iPod to external speakers turns the personal listening device into a jukebox everyone can enjoy. Because the iPod does not contain an amplifier powerful enough to drive speakers larger than a set of earbuds, self-powered speakers are necessary.

Desktop computer speakers are an ideal choice because they are compact, portable and quick to set up. The cable on a set of computer speakers is equipped with a 3.5mm plug, which fits a standard iPod phono jack.

Plug the cable on the back of the left computer speaker into the output jack on the back of the right speaker.

Connect the cable from the right speaker to the iPod phono jack by pushing the plug straight in until it clicks. The phono is located along the top edge of the iPod.

Plug the DC power cord into the computer speakers and a wall outlet. The power jack is usually located on the back of the right speaker.

Turn the volume knob clockwise on the speakers to activate the audio, then play tracks on the iPod.