A Guide for the Wii Recovery Mode and GC

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The firmware of a Nintendo Wii can be accessed via a Game Cube controller. Occasionally, the Nintendo Wii will freeze or "brick." The difference between a frozen system and a "bricked" system is the latter will not boot from a boot disc. The Game Cube controller can fix this by directing the Nintendo Wii circuitry directly to the firmware. From the firmware, users can boot directly from the recovery disc.

Insert the Game Cube controller in the fourth input port. The port is labelled "..."

Turn on the Nintendo Wii while repeatedly pressing all four of the direction pad buttons simultaneously. The system only accepts the command from the Game Cube controller for a brief span of time. If all goes right, a black screen will appear. In some cases a firmware version may be displayed in the bottom right corner.

Insert the Nintendo Wii Restore disc. The restore disc menu will load.

Use the Game Cube Controller to select "Delete All." This will return the system to normal, but it will also clear any installed software and custom Miis.

Use the Game Cube Controller to select "Restore."

Turn off the Nintendo Wii.

Remove the recovery disc.

Restart the Nintendo Wii.

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