How to Make an Inverted Cross on the Keyboard

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Aside from words, people use symbols to communicate with one another when they write e-mails, text or interact on social networking websites. Using symbols is a way to portray an emotion or feeling without actually typing the words. Some symbols are written by pressing the "Alt" or "Function" key followed by a series of numbers. Other symbols, such as the inverted cross, are made using keys that already exist on the keyboard. The advantage is that the inverted cross can be made on any device that has a standard keyboard, including tablet and mobile devices.

Press the "Dash" key. This is located on the top right of your keyboard next to the "0" key.


Press and hold the "Shift" key while pressing the "I" key. The "I" is located between the "U" and "O" key, just below the row of numbers.


Press the "Dash" button a second time. The inverted cross looks like this:


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