How to Keep a Cake Fresh

Updated November 21, 2016

Preserve your anniversary, wedding day or birthday memories by keeping a cake fresh throughout the year. Use proper handling methods to store cake in the freezer or refrigerator, depending on when you plan to eat it. Keep a few slices in the refrigerator so you can enjoy cake all week and store any extra pieces in the freezer to dig into on your next anniversary. Taking your time to package the cake properly ensures that it tastes almost as fresh as it did the day it came out of the oven.

Keep the entire cake in the refrigerator to maintain freshness on the day of the party. Take the cake out a few minutes before serving so it isn't too cold.

Cut the left over cake up into small squares after the party. Put a few pieces in airtight plastic containers, so you can enjoy cake during the week.

Cut up additional pieces of cake and place these in airtight containers. Keep these containers in the freezer. Place one or two pieces in each container, rather than putting it all in one big container, so you can take one piece out at a time and enjoy it when you like.

Allow frozen cake to thaw out on the counter for 20 minutes or longer before eating. Frozen cake frosting becomes rock hard, which makes it difficult to eat the cake right out of the freezer. Give the food some time to warm up and then eat it.

Enjoy refrigerated cake right out of the fridge. This cake might feel slightly cold, but it won't be too cold to eat right away. Let the cake sit on the counter for a few minutes, if you want it to warm a little .

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