How to transfer contacts from one cell to another

Updated April 17, 2017

Changing a cellphone or upgrading your handset can be exciting. You may look forward to exploring all of the new features your phone offers, while adjusting to the new interface. If you have numerous existing contacts on your old mobile, the task of transferring them to the new handset may seem daunting. There are various methods of transferring contacts that simplify the process of having to manually enter in each contact.

Copy the contacts to your SIM card. This is an ideal method if you are using the same SIM card in your old and new phones, and you don't have many contacts. Several models allow you to choose whether you want to save your phone contacts to the phone itself, or on the SIM card. To copy the contacts, save all your contacts to the SIM card, then insert the card into your new phone.

Use your computer. If you can't copy the contacts to your SIM card, you can copy them to your computer, then transfer them to your new cell. This is useful if you have other details stored with each contact, such as a home or e-mail addresse. The type of software you use to do this will depend on what kind of phone you have. Nokia (Ovi Suite), BlackBerry (Desktop Manager) and Windows Mobile (Device Center) all provide software that enables you to copy contacts onto your computer. You can also use BitPim, which allows you to copy data from CDMA phones, such as Samsung or LG.

Transfer your contacts through a wireless connection. If your old and new phones are wireless-enabled, you can use special software to transfer the contacts from phone to phone using a wireless connection. Services such as Google Sync, Everdroid and HTC Sync are free and will allow you to transfer your contacts from phone to phone. HTC Sync will also produce a CSV file of your contacts that you can use with a phone that isn't online.

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