How to Change the Combination for a Supra Push Button Combination Lockbox

Updated February 21, 2017

General Electric Supra push-button combination locks are small-scale safes for storing keys and other valuables. You can mount Supra safes outside your property to keep your spare set of keys safe or hide the safe somewhere inside your home. Changing the combination keeps your valuables secure if you suspect someone knows your existing code. You will need to know the existing combination to make changes to the Supra lock.

Enter your existing combination by pressing down the correct numbered buttons. Slide the "Open" switch downward.

Lift the door off the Supra safe.

Pry the plastic cover off the back of the door. A set of numbered screws with arrows are revealed.

Notice how the arrows on numbered screws point left or right. Numbers not in your combination point to the left.

Use the screwdriver shaped tip on the plastic cover removed in Step 3 to turn the screws.

Move the numbers that will not be in your combination so the screws point left. Numbers used in your combination should point right.

Test your code while the Supra safe is open. Punch in your code then try sliding the "Open" switch. It will only move halfway if you entered the wrong code.

Install the plastic back over the screws and replace the door. Your new code is ready for use.


Codes should be between 4 and 7 digits.

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