How to Reset Eagle Creek's TSA Superlight Lock

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The Eagle Creek TSA lock is a special luggage lock that can be opened by a TSA officer. The lock keeps the luggage secure and you can rest easy knowing that your lock will still be on the luggage should the security officers need to search your luggage.

Luggage that do not use TSA locks but other locks will have the locks cut off. TSA travel locks are specially made for air travel and if you should forget the code because you do not travel frequently it is possible to reset the code.

Line up the numbers on the face of the lock to the default code of 0-0-0.

Open the lock by pulling the shackle up. Turn the shackle 90 degrees to the left. You will have moved the shackle from the six o'clock position on a clock to the nine o'clock position.

Press the shackle down and move it from the nine o'clock position to the seven o'clock position. Hold the shackle down in this position.

Turn the three numbers on the lock to your chosen combination.

Turn the shackle back to the nine o'clock position and pull the shackle all the way up. Turn the shackle back to its starting position and lock the lock.