How to Reset the Combination on a Fire Fyter Safe

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Fire Fyter safes come with rotary combination dials or digital keypads. Each comes with a factory combination to open it. To have a combination that is easy for you to remember, you may want to change the combination on your safe. Doing so is easy on both types of Fire Fyter safes, as long as you take your time when entering the new numbers. Make sure to record your new combination in a safe place for easy reference in case you forget it.

Select three numbers for the new combination. The last number should not be between 90 and 100 or between 0 and 15. For best results, choose numbers that go from high to low to high, or low to high to low. Make sure there is at least an eight-number difference between subsequent numbers in the combination.

Remove the back plate from the door.

Remove the screws that hold the combination lock cover assembly, and lift the cover assembly from the lock.

Remove the retaining washer from the wheel post.

Remove the three wheels and two spacers. Keep the parts in order. After you change the combination, you will replace the parts in reverse order.

Press up on the inner disc on the last wheel you removed to separate it from the outer ring.

Place the inner disc in the outer ring with the index mark pointing to the number you selected for the first number in the new combination.

Replace the wheel on the post with the number side facing up.

Repeat the process for the middle and top wheels to reset their numbers.

Replace the retaining washer. Place the cover assembly back on the lock, and screw it back in place.

Re-attach the back plate to the door.

Record your new combination for future reference.

Choose a new five-digit combination.

Press the "Program" button. The green light will turn on.

Enter your new combination. The green light will turn off when you press the fifth digit.

Record the new combination, and keep it for reference should you forget it.

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