How to Open a Sentry 1330 Safe

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A solid, fireproof safe is a valuable addition to any home. Keeping your important documents in a fire proof safe will protect them in times of disaster. Unfortunately, a safe does you no good if you can't open it. Sentry 1330 safes use a mechanical lock with a combination set by the factory. If you own a Sentry 1330 safe and find yourself forgetting how to open the safe, use these instructions to get to your belongings.

Turn the dial left three times and stop on the first number of your combination. Make sure "0" on the dial passes the pointer three times before stopping.

Turn the dial to the right twice and stop on the second number of your combination. The second number should pass the pointer once and then you should stop on it the second time.

Turn the dial to the left and stop when you reach the third number in your combination.

Rotate the handle downward and pull the safe door open.

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