How to Make a Tarantula Magic Trick

Updated April 17, 2017

The Tarantula magic trick refers to a gimmick, which is used in a trick to make it seem like an object is moving on its own. You can make your own version of a Tarantula magic trick that will let you pull a card out from within a deck, once you have acquired a few supplies from a hobby or craft shop. The assembly of the Tarantula magic trick requires the use of some household tools.

Roll a pea-shaped ball of museum wax between your fingers. Flatten the ball. Insert the end of the clear fishing line from the spool into the wax. Smooth the line into the wax, using your fingers to secure it in the wax.

Measure out 10 feet of fishing line from the spool. Cut the fishing line at the 10-foot mark with a scissors. Place the spool aside.

Run the free end of the fishing line inside your shirt sleeve and along the length of your arm until you come to your shoulder. Run the fishing line down inside your shirt and into your trousers.

Run the fishing line down inside your trousers leg and out of the cuff at the bottom. Tape the fishing line to the underside of your shoe with a piece of duct tape. Cut off the excess fishing line with the scissors.

Stand behind a card table, facing an audience who you want to impress with your trick. Shuffle a deck of cards. Have someone say, "Stop." Show them the card that was on top of the deck when you stopped shuffling.

Unknown to the audience, surreptitiously press the wax, which is being palmed in your hand, against the top of the card as you return it to the deck.

Place the deck on card table. Wave your hand over the deck as you pull back on the foot that has the fishing line taped to the shoe. Keep pulling on the fishing line until the card is pulled out of the deck.

Pick up the card and show it to the audience. Discreetly pull the wax off of the card and return it to the palm of your hand so that you can safely hand the card to one of the people watching.

Things You'll Need

  • Museum wax
  • Clear fishing line spool
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Card table
  • Cards
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