Hyundai Getz Radio Installation

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The Hyundai Getz is a hatchback car that has been manufactured by the Korean auto company since 1992. It includes a stereo with CD player and AM/FM receiver. A range of aftermarket stereos is available, allowing users to upgrade their car stereos to ones with the most up-to-date features.

An aftermarket radio can be installed in a Hyundai Getz by adapting the wiring and the housing to allow the radio to fit and function in the car.

Twist the car battery negative terminal with an adjustable wrench, to remove the cable attachment.

Insert the special U-shaped DIN radio removal keys into the slots on each side of the radio. Push the keys in until they engage. Pull the keys outward while pulling them toward you to release the radio and pull it out of its housing. Unplug the radio antenna cable. Disconnect the wiring loom.

Assemble the radio installation kit. Attach the kit to the radio installation cage, which is supplied with the aftermarket radio. Slide the cage into the kit until the end is level with the face plate. Bend the tabs on the edge of the cage 90 degrees to attach the cage to the radio installation kit. Feed the wire loom and radio antenna cable through the cage. Slide the installation assembly into the dashboard.

Attach the car radio wiring loom and the wire loom of the new stereo, using a wire loom adaptor. Connect the looms to the adaptor and click the connections into place. Plug the radio antenna cable into the radio antenna port on the new radio.

Feed the wired radio into the radio installation cage. Push it in until it snaps into place. Connect the car battery negative terminal. The stereo is ready to use.