How do I Put the Code Into a Peugeot 306 Radio?

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The Peugeot 306 includes a premium radio with an antitheft feature that disables the radio removed from the vehicle or if the 306's battery is disconnected and then reconnected. The radio requires a confidential reset code to be entered to restore functionality.

If the confidential reset code is no longer available, it can be obtained at a Peugeot dealership parts or service department by providing the 306's Vehicle Identification Number and showing proof of vehicle ownership.

Obtain the 306's four-digit confidential reset code that came with the vehicle paperwork or from a Peugeot dealership.

Place the car's ignition key in the ignition and turn to the "On" position to power the radio.

Turn on the radio. The radio display will show "Code In" and then switch to "----" when it is ready for code entry.

Enter the confidential reset code by pressing the corresponding numbers on the radio's channel preset buttons. The code is four digits, using the numbers 1 through 6. These digits match the channel preset buttons 1 through 6. The radio will begin working properly once the code has been entered correctly.