How to Set Up a Sharp Aquos and a DVD Player

Hanging Television Cables image by Van Ness from

The Sharp Aquos is a brand of flat-screen LCD television sets with a variety of inputs for connecting audio-video components, including a DVD player. The set-up for a DVD player requires a composite AV cable with three colour-coded plugs on each end.

By matching the plug colours to the jacks, the DVD player easily connects to an Aquos TV in a matter of minutes.

Turn off the Aquos and the DVD player.

Insert the three plugs on one end of the cable into the matching white, yellow and red output jacks on the back of the DVD player.

Connect the plugs on the opposite end of the cable into the three colour-coded jacks labelled "AV IN" on the rear panel of the Aquos.

Turn on the DVD player and the Aquos, then press the "Source" button on the TV remote control until the image from the DVD player appears on the Aquos.