How to Reset an Indesit ISl70C Thermostat

Updated February 21, 2017

The Indesit IS70C dryer offers consumer a variety of heating options for clothing. The internal thermostat is so complex that it allows the user to determine the amount of moisture left in the clothing, based upon the setting and what the user wants to do. For example, users can dry cotton clothing until it is ready to immediately put away or leave some moisture for hanger drying. Any time you change the setting on your dryer, you'll need to reset the "programmes" knob to adjust the thermostat.

Turn the "programmes" knob counterclockwise to the "0" position.

Wait until you hear the buzzer, indicating that the previous program has cancelled.

Turn the knob to the desired program, based upon the type of clothing you wish to dry. Consult the Programmes Guide on the left side of the dryer for the appropriate setting.


If you suspect that the internal thermostat has isn't working correctly contact a professional repair person to check out the issue. Attempting to repair the machine yourself could void your warranty, notes the Indesit instruction manual.

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