Instructions for the Ferguson AV3030

Written by michael wallace | 13/05/2017

The Ferguson AV3030 is an audio/video sender used in conjunction with Britain's Sky satellite cable system. If you have your Sky box set up with one TV in one room of your home, you can attach the A/V sender to another TV in the home, and it will pick up the satellite signal. This allows you to watch the same satellite stations on a TV without the receiver box.

Place the Ferguson on top of the television you would like to use it with.

Plug the cable running from the rear of the Ferguson into the coax input jack on the rear of your television. If you are using a DVD player or VCR with your TV, plug the Ferguson's cable into the input jack on the player and then plug the output cable on the DVD or VCR into the input jack on the TV.

Turn on your Sky satellite receiver, wherever it may be in your home.

Turn on the television with the Ferguson attached and move the antenna on the Ferguson until you have achieved optimum picture quality.

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