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The Specifications for a General Instrument CFT-2100 Cable Box

Updated April 17, 2017

In today's world of television, there are a variety of cable television providers. Most providers provide a cable box that relays the cable programming to your TV, but you also have the option to use a third-party cable box with your cable service, such as the General Instrument CFT-2100.

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The front side of the General Instrument CFT-2100 cable box has a variety of features. The front of the box has control buttons that allow you to manipulate the channel, volume, switch menus and select options. There is also an LED display on the box that displays the current channel, time of day and an operating messages.


The rear side of the CFT-2100 cable box hosts the inputs and outputs. The standard inputs on the cable box include a coaxial input for the cable feed. The outputs on the box include a coaxial output to the TV set, an IPPV coaxial output and an RCA audio video output. The rear of the cable box also contains the AC power outlet connector.

Remote Control

The box also comes with a remote control that you can use to navigate the cable box. The "F" or "function" key on the cable box allows you to access the alternate options on your remote. The number keys on the remote allow you to enter channel numbers, select menu functions and enter passwords. The remote also has a program button, a delete button, a select button, menu button, favourite channel button, channel and volume cursors, a mute button and a power button.

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