Instructions for an HP PSC 1510 All-In-One

Updated March 26, 2018

The HP PSC 1510 printer is an all-in-one unit that allows you to print, scan and produce photo copies with the base unit. All of these functions are accessible on the control panel of the printer itself and do not require the use of a computer or third-party software unless you intend to edit your scanned image or print from a specific computer program. Hooking up your HP PSC 1510 and generating copies, scans and print jobs are tasks that the computer novice can accomplish in a matter of minutes.

Power on your computer if it is not already so to allow it to be fully booted when it is required later in the set-up process.

Unpack your printer if it is a new purchase by removing all tape, cardboard and packing materials from the unit. Separate all materials included in the box on a table or across an open space of floor for easy access and identification.

Place your printer in its intended place on your desk or work area, but leave it turned for easy access to both the front and back panels until installation is complete.

Attach your control panel's overlay. This looks like a sticker, but it locks into place over the control panel of the printer with the visible edge-tabs instead of an adhesive. Lock the panel into place while avoiding pressing the panel buttons.

Plug in the power supply cords. There are two cords included with your printer. One plugs directly into the back of the printer and contains a transformer box while the other plugs into the transformer box on one end and your standard household electrical socket on the other.

Turn on the printer by pressing the power button and load 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch paper into the paper tray.

Open the front access door on the printer. It is located underneath the scanner bed and faces out from the front of the unit when the paper catch tray is lowered.

Install the ink cartridges included with your printer by removing the tape from each cartridge and then snapping each into its respective tray within the printer. When the cartridges are installed and the door shut, a print cartridge alignment page will print.

Place the alignment page onto your scanner bed. Follow the instructions printed on the alignment page in reference to paper placement on the scanner. Push the "Start Scan" button on your unit and wait for the alignment process to conclude.

Insert the included software CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. If you no longer have the software discs included with your printer, the HP website offers software and driver downloads for the PSC 1510. Follow the software installation prompts until your are instructed to hook up a USB cable to your printer.

Plug the USB cable into the USB port on your computer and then into the back of the printer. A new or previously used USB cable can be plugged into the 1510 as it does not include a manufacturer-provided cable. Follow the remaining software installation prompts until you are told installation is complete.

Click "File" followed by "Print" and select the HP PSC 1510 in the printer dialogue box. You're now ready to print information from the Web or documents and photos created and edited within your computer's programs.

Place a picture or document onto the scanner bed. Press the "Start scan" button on your all-in-one unit to launch a scan into your computer's default scanning program. If you want to scan a picture or document into a scanner-compatible editing program that is already open on your desktop, click "File" followed by "Import" and select the 1510 to begin your scan.

Insert the picture or document you want to copy onto the scanner bed and press "Start black copy" or "Start colour copy" to begin a single copy. Press the "Copies" button up to nine times prior to starting a copy job to trigger multiple copies of your document or photo. A small LCD display on the unit alerts you to how many copies you have chosen to generate.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • USB cord
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