Vivitar Instant Polaroid 660 Slide Printer Instructions

old Polaroid frame at vitage image by PaulPaladin from

Vivitar Instant Polaroid 660 slide printers are popular with photographers and artists who create emulsion lifts and transfers from instant photo film. The printer exposes 35mm slides or transparencies onto Polaroid or Polaroid-type film.

Since they're usually only available on the second-hand market, when you do get your hands on one of these printers, the instruction manual is often long gone. Now that other film manufacturers are stepping in to make films that will work with the 660 printer, the demand is increasing again.

Turn on the light bulb in your Vivitar Instant Polaroid 660 Slide Printer by plugging in the optional power cord, if you have one. Otherwise, insert four C batteries into the back of the unit.

Insert your film into the front slot of the printer. Place your slide or transparency into the slide printer.

Press the red button to expose the film. Pull your film through the rollers. Wait for a minute. Peel away the positive image from the negative one.