How to make a turban from scarves

A head turban made from a scarf is fast becoming a fashion statement among young women. The scarf turban is made from a square or a long rectangular scarf. Knots are not necessary as the ends are tucked into the head wrap to secure them in place. Some scarf turbans use a single tie in the front to add depth to the wrap. The multitude of scarf colours and sizes adds to the personality of each turban.

Match the long edges of the 18-by 60-inch scarf and fold in half.

Open the fold slightly and place it on top of your head. Drape 4 to 6 inches of one short end down the back of your neck. Position the remaining long piece of the scarf so it is directly in front of your face.

Gather the back of the scarf behind your head like a ponytail. Grab the scarf in front of your forehead and gather it together like a ponytail. Twist the ends of the scarf in opposite directions with your hands until the scarf is tight over the top of your head.

Hold on to the back twist. Wrap the twisted front around either side of your head. Stop wrapping when both ears are covered. Hold the wrap tightly.

Tuck the short ponytail twist to the back of your head in the top of the wrap that extends around the circumference of your head.

Wrap the circumference of your head with the long end of the scarf. Make a second complete wrap from ear to ear making sure the wrap is directly above the first. Check the tucked short ponytail twist to make sure it is secure between the two wraps.

Wrap the length of the long end of the scarf around the circumference of your head until the last 6 inches. Tuck the last 6 inches of the scarf into the top of the circumference wrap directly beneath.

Place the 36-inch square scarf on a flat surface so one flat edge is along the top, sides and bottom. Fold the top down to meet the bottom. Repeat the process two more times. The last fold creates a scarf that is 4 1/2-inches wide by 36-inches long.

Match the two short side edges and fold. Open the scarf far enough to slide the band over the top of your head placing the middle fold at the back of your neck. This will leave two ends 18-inches long that extend past each ear.

Overlap the two ends in the middle of your forehead. Loosely tie the crossed ends once.

Wrap the ends of the scarf in opposite directions around the side of your head. Tuck the last 4 inches into the top of the initial wrap.

Things You'll Need

  • 18-by-60-inch scarf
  • 36-inch square scarf
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