How to Put on a Trampoline Mat

Written by kimberly dyke | 13/05/2017
How to Put on a Trampoline Mat
Get jumping on your own trampoline. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Whether you are moving an older trampoline to a new location or setting up a newly purchased trampoline that is missing instructions, proper installation of the trampoline mat is imperative. No tools are required to put the trampoline mat on the trampoline frame; however, two adults are mandatory to prevent over extension of the springs. Grab a friend to help you with your task and you will be jumping high into the air in a short time.

Select a level location on the dirt or grass for your trampoline, with sufficient overhead and lateral clearance.

Assemble the trampoline frame according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Connect a spring to a V-ring of the trampoline mat and pull it toward the trampoline frame. Attach it to a spring notch on the trampoline frame. Repeat for three more springs, placing them at equal distances around the frame.

Connect every fourth spring from the mat's V-ring to the frame's spring notch, working your way around the trampoline mat.

Attach the middle springs from the mat to the spring notches, working your way around the mat a second time. Have another adult working opposite you, around the mat, to keep proper tension on the springs. Repeat until you have attached all of the springs.

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