How to prevent sheets from balling up in the dryer

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Washing and drying your sheets regularly contributes to a tidy bed. Since bed sheets are large, they can twist and ball up in the dryer. Other items can catch in the sheets as well, resulting in still-damp sheets at the end of the cycle. When sheets twist and ball up, they also wrinkle. Dry your bed sheets properly to prevent them from twisting and balling up in the dryer.

Remove your bed sheets from the washer. Open the sheets and shake them to remove any twists and to dislodge any items balled up in the sheets. Place the sheets into the dryer.

Do not overload your dryer; doing so can cause the sheets to twist and ball up.

Add a clean tennis ball or dryer ball to the dryer; the ball helps prevent the sheets from twisting and balling up.

Remove and fold the sheets immediately after drying; allowing the sheets to sit in the dryer causes wrinkles.

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