How to Take Apart a Trampoline

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Trampolines require assembly but are fairly simple to put together and take apart. The frame of the trampoline is commonly made of fibreglass. The actual mat is made of a stretchy material that is nylon based. Springs hold the mat to the frame, stretching it so a bounce occurs when the mat is jumped on. The legs of the trampoline are U shaped and made from steel piping. Taking apart a trampoline is done in the reverse order of assembly.

Slide gloves onto your hands before you remove the springs. The spring in a stretched position has the potential to pinch your skin and fingers.

Grab a spring and push it away from you. When you push the spring away from you, it stretches, reducing the tension on the mat of the trampoline. With the spring stretched, slide the loop at the end off the hook on the fibreglass frame of the trampoline. Work in a clockwise rotation, removing one spring at a time from the trampoline frame.

Fold the trampoline mat in half and then in quarters. Roll the mat and move it away from the frame.

Pull the fibreglass rods of the frame apart. Keep your gloves on to provide extra friction so the rods don't slip through your hands.

Step on the U-shaped legs of the trampoline frame to pull the fibreglass rods out from the T connection. Once all the parts are separated, wipe off any dirt and grime. Store the parts in a dry area where condensation will not cause mould and bacteria to grow. A canvas bag is a good storage container for the trampoline.

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