How to Give Your Wife a Massage for Seniors

Updated April 17, 2017

Massage is a great way to maintain and develop intimacy in relationships. Between seniors, especially those who have been together for a long time, massage is a great reason to get close to your spouse and show that you care. Giving your wife a massage will help to relieve stress in her body and promote an increased range of motion and relaxed muscles. It is important to note that when giving and receiving a massage as a senior, there are a few extra precautions that should be taken.

Set up the massage area with a rolled up towel for supporting your wife's neck. Leave a few more rolled up towels nearby in case she needs to support other parts of her body. If so desired, dim the lights and set out some scented candles for ambience.

Ask your wife to pick out a lotion or oil that she would like you to use during the massage. Using a massage oil or lotion is important when massaging the elderly as older skin tends to be drier and less pliable.

Start the massage at the shoulders and move up to the neck. Continue the massage by then moving down to her back and legs. Start off slowly and gently and work up to a harder massage.

Try using a variety of motions and see what she likes. You can try alternately kneading the skin, circling your hands and applying firm and even pressure.

Check in at the end and see how she liked it. Use the feedback you receive to improve your technique for the next time.


Deep tissue massages may irritate stiff joints or thin bones.

Things You'll Need

  • Firm bed or massage table
  • Rolled bath towels
  • Massage oil
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