How to Learn Baking Online

Updated April 17, 2017

Learning how to bake delicious bread, cakes or pastries no longer requires special classes at a cooking or baking school. Now, students can learn the art of baking, cake decorating, the fundamental processes used in baking and the proper tools and equipment needed for baking, right from the comfort of their own home. A variety of mediums are available for the student who wants to learn how to bake online.

Enrol in an online course offered by organisations such as the American Institute of Baking. Students can register and purchase online courses on processes such as dough processing, mixing and fermentation. Students can also enrol in online bread-making, baking muffins, rolls and cakes. Sites such as Online Cake Decorating offer a variety of online courses in which students can enrol to learn the art of cake decorating online. As of May, 2011, the cost of these online courses ran between £19 and £39. The AIB courses cost £48 each and students can obtain a certificate of completion and continuing education credits from the AIB.

Learn the fundamentals of baking online by watching how-to videos on sites such as YouTube or Rouxe Cooking School. On YouTube, enter the type of baking you wish to learn into the search box. For example, you could enter "How to make French bread" or "Baking a cake from scratch." These videos are free and are often created by cooking schools. You can also post a specific question on the video page for the administrator to answer. Rouxbe Cooking School offers a variety of videos for students to watch if they want to learn how to bake desserts like creme brulee, panna cotta or spiced pumpkin cheesecake. There are also technical videos that discuss various baking tools and processes. The site also has step-by-step instructions, complete with photos, underneath each video. Rouxbe Cooking School is a membership site which costs £19 per month as of May 2011. Annual memberships are also available.

Read step-by-step instructions online at sites such as King Arthur Flour or Delia Online. These sites offer detailed instructions on baking that you can read on your computer. The instructions are more comprehensive than a simple recipe. Delia Online offers instructions on baking bread right from the website. The site also offers a variety of tips on equipment such as bread machines, pastry and cake making equipment. Download PDFs from King Arthur Flour that contain detailed instructions, photos of the tools and equipment you will need as well as step-by-step photos of the baking process. Both sites offer these instructions free of charge.

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