How to Make a Shark Out of Text

Updated February 21, 2017

Texting is the primary form of communication for many people with lots of ways to liven up a regular texting conversation. Including animals made out of symbols or letters is a creative way to brighten someone's day. A shark can be made with just a few keystrokes; so whether your text recipient is a surfer or just a fan of sharks, make his day by texting him his very own Jaws.

Text a less than symbol to form the shark's tail. It will look like this: <.

Create the shark's body by typing three parenthesis separated by a space. The shark's body will look like this: ( ( (.

Create the shark's teeth by typing quotes, like this: ".

Type the shark's head to complete the emoticon by typing a greater than symbol, like this: >. The finished shark should look like this: <( ( ( ">.

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