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How to Make a Keyboard Smiley With Fangs

Updated April 17, 2017

Keyboard smileys are expressive faces, or emoticons, made up of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other keyboard symbols. Western smileys are read sideways, usually with the top on the left; Asian-style smileys are read horizontally. To make a smiley with fangs, the mouth character or characters is changed to suggest protruding teeth. Some applications that convert text strings to small graphical smileys have a fanged or toothed smiley.

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  1. Type :-[ to make a fanged smiley.

  2. Type >:-[~ to make a scowling vampire with a dribble of blood on his chin.

  3. Type :K to make a snake or vampire with oversized fangs.

  4. Type :E to make a bucktoothed vampire.

  5. Type :F to make a vampire with crooked fangs.

  6. Type ^;;^ to make a vampire bat with fangs.

  7. Type (';.;') or (',..,') to make a fanged face with small eyes.

  8. Type (@,.,@) to make a vampire with hypnotic eyes.

  9. Type (,..,) to make a fanged face with stars for eyes.

  10. Type (o,..,o) to make a fanged face with glaring eyes.

  11. Type (=,..,=) (-,..,-) or to make a face with narrowed eyes.

  12. Type (^,..,^) to make a happy vampire.

  13. Tip

    Type (^^^) on Facebook chat to get a picture of a fanged shark. For bigger-fanged emoticons, you can use text art (ASCII art). Design your own or use an ASCII art library such as


    Emoticons (smileys) are for fun, informal communication like e-mails to your friends. Avoid using them in more serious messages or academic work.

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