How to Get the "at" Sign on a Spanish Keyboard

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Computer keyboards around the world have different language and character options. There are also regional differences among keyboards in the same language. The Spanish keyboard used in Spain contains differences in the visual layout of the keys from the Spanish keyboard used in parts of Latin America. One of the most confusing differences for computer users is the placement of the "@" or "at" symbol, which is needed for submission of e-mail and to log on to many types of accounts.

Place your cursor on the spot where you would like to type the "@" sign.

Press and hold the right "Alt" key or the "AltGr" key depending on the keyboard. This key is located directly to the right of the Spacebar.

Press the "2" key or the "Q" key. The "2" key is used on keyboards that have the International Spanish language set-up option. The "Q" key is used on keyboards that have the Latin America Spanish language set-up option.

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