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How to Make a Divide Sign With Your Keyboard

Updated February 21, 2017

When typing math text on the computer, people typically use the slash mark, the character sharing the key with the question mark, for division. Another division sign is a horizontal slash with a dot above and below the line. Word processing programs typically include this division sign in their bank of symbols. If you are using a keyboard with a numeric keypad, it is possible to produce this symbol by typing a series of keys. The numeric keypad is usually on the right side of the keyboard—it is not the numbers along the top of the keyboard.

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  1. Move the cursor to the area on the page where you want to insert the division sign.

  2. Press the number lock key ("Num Lock") to lock the numbers on the numeric keypad. This key is located in the numeric keypad. A light on the keyboard normally indicates that the lock key is on.

  3. Press the “Alt” key, and hold it down.

  4. Type the number “0247” while continuing to hold the "Alt" key.

  5. Release the “Alt” key, and the division sign will appear.

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Things You'll Need

  • Keyboard with numeric keypad

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