How to get waves with s-curl

Updated April 17, 2017

The S-curl is designed to slightly straighten the natural hair texture of people of African decent. The chemical process, sometimes called a texturizer, loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair, producing a looser curl or wavy effect. This process can make the hair more versatile and more manageable. The S-curl is common among African-American men with short hairstyles. The outcome of the S-curl depends on how long the product is left in the hair. While some people have this process done by a professional, at-home kits make the S-curl easy to do yourself.

Read the instructions inside the box. Pay close attention to the process time.

Mix the S-curl cream and liquid activator from your kit together.

Put on plastic gloves. Apply the S-curl cream mixture evenly throughout dry hair.

Smooth the cream through the hair with a small plastic comb. Go all the way to the edges of your hair to ensure an even curl pattern.

Rinse out the S-curl cream when the desired curl pattern is reached.

Wash and condition the hair using the neutralising shampoo and conditioner in your S-curl kit, if it was included.

Style hair using the S-curl activator and moisturiser to activate waves and to keep hair conditioned.


Read each S-curl kit box carefully to make sure you get the right kit for your desired look.


The instructions and contents of the S-curl kit may vary, depending on which you buy. Avoid getting the S-curl cream in your eyes, on skin or on clothing. The cream contains chemicals that may be harmful.

Things You'll Need

  • S-curl kit
  • Plastic gloves
  • Small plastic comb
  • S-curl activator and moisturiser
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