How to Play ARF Files

Updated April 17, 2017

The "Network Recording Player" application, by WebEx, creates and opens .ARF files. These files are the recordings of online meetings that used WebEx. They differ from .WRF files in that the .ARF files are downloaded from WebEx where .WRF files are recordings made by the user. You can use the WebEx "Network Recording Player" to play downloaded .ARF file recordings of various meetings. Unless you use the player to convert the files to another type, this player is the only one capable of playing them.

Download and install the "Network Recording Player" developed by WebEx. If you don't have a license, you will need to purchase the software before using it.

Open the folder containg the .ARF files you want to play.

Double-click an .ARF file to open it. Depending on your system configuration, the "Network Recording Player" may automatically open the file. If it doesn't, a dialogue box will open asking you how you wish to open the file. Select "Choose A Program Manually." This opens another program selection window. Click "Browse." Navigate to the folder where the "Network Recording Player" is installed. Click the .EXE file and click "Open."

Click the "My WebEx" tab from within the program to access any subsequent .ARF files you receive or create.


If you don't want to open files with the WebEx software, you can use it to convert those files to .WMV files that can be opened by Windows Media Player.

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