How to Make a Padawan Costume

Updated May 22, 2018

In the Star Wars universe, a Padawan is an apprentice Jedi knight, studying under a Jedi master. Like the Jedi knights, Padawans live a rather monastic life and their apparel reflects this lifestyle. Simple in colour and style, a Padawan costume is comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you're putting together a Halloween costume or getting ready for DragonCon, manipulate common items to create your own custom Padawan outfit.

Use common fabric dye to change a cotton kimono into a brown or tan shade. Any sort of brown colour will do, as all Padawans have slightly different colouration in their clothing.

Put on a V-neck T-shirt. This will represent the under-robe by showing the neck, but won't give you the bulk of actually wearing another robe under the one that you show.

Don a pair of khaki trousers. Make the trousers well-fitting without being tight. Tuck the T-shirt into the trousers. Add a pair of brown knee-high boots, as plain as possible, like English riding boots, not cowboy boots.

Place the brown kimono over the T-shirt and trousers. Cross the leading edges of the kimono over in front, like you would a bathrobe. Place a wide brown leather belt around your waist, fastening the kimono closed.

Clip a light sabre to your leather belt. Add a cell phone holster, tool bag or other leather pouch.

Finish off the look with a brown hooded bathrobe. The larger the robe the better, as you should look almost overwhelmed in this garment. Wear a robe with big sleeves, a bit hood and a large amount of fabric in the body.


Make some of your articles of clothing black if your character is flirting with the Dark Side of the Force.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton kimono
  • Brown fabric dye
  • V-neck T-shirt
  • Khaki trousers
  • Knee-high boots
  • Wide brown leather belt
  • Brown hooded bathrobe
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