How to Tie Sasuke's Rope Images

At the start of "Naruto: Shippuden," the characters from the first "Naruto" series have aged almost three years and have grown as ninja warriors. Sasuke Uchiha, once the title character Naruto's good friend, now trains with the villain Orochimaru. He wears a new outfit reminiscent of Orochimaru's clothing as well. Part of this outfit is a belt comprised of a single thick rope. In order to dress up as Sasuke, you will need to know how to properly tie Sasuke's rope belt. Start with a thick light purple rope about nine feet in length.

Wrap the rope once completely around your torso. Place the middle of the rope on the front of your torso. Wrap both ends around your back until they reach the opposite sides from which they started and pull both ends back to the front. You should now have an unbroken belt across the front of your torso -- the "centre of the rope" -- as well as the end of the rope in each hand.

Cross the two ends of the rope together in the front below the centre of the rope. Pull tightly, but only as tight as you can and still feel comfortable. You should now have the basic appearance of two belts of rope, one unbroken -- the original centre of the rope -- and the other with a twist.

Tuck the end of the rope on the left side upward and under the original, unbroken centre of the rope. Pull tightly.

Loop the left-side rope end downward and then upward, passing under itself. Don't pull the entire length of the rope; leave a long loop about eight to ten inches in diameter hanging downward. This "left-side" rope end is now facing right just as the other rope end is.

Pull the original right-side end of the rope -- not the one you just looped -- upward, passing over the other end of the rope as you go. Tuck this end of the rope under all of the rest of the ropes and pull tightly. The rope should now be hanging in a similar direction as before. Only a knot should appear over the other ropes.

Tuck the original right-side end of the rope -- the one you just tucked under all of the rest of the ropes -- into a loop. This loop should be between eight and ten inches, similar to the length of the last loop. Pull the end of this loop into the knot you created with previous steps. Pull the rope through but leave the loop. Don't pull the rope tight.

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