How to Make an Easy Giant Spider

Make a giant spider out of inexpensive household items or recycled materials to scare your visitors at Halloween. The spider will sit outside on your lawn. It requires minimal effort to put together and is equally easy to take apart at the end of the season to make storing it convenient. Find the materials that you don't have readily available in your home in your local department store

Fill a 33-gallon black trash bag with dead, dry leaves, old clothes or other non-biodegradable materials so the bag is nice and round. Tie the bag closed tightly and seal the opening with a few pieces of duct tape. Do the same with a 13-gallon black trash bag.

Position the bags on the ground in your yard where you want the giant spider to sit, with the larger one directly behind the small one. The large bag represents the body of the spider and the small bag is the head.

Drop a rock, about 5 inches thick, into each foot of a pair of black nylon pantyhose and stuff the legs of the pantyhose with newspaper, dead leaves or shreds of old clothing to round out the legs of the stockings and make them stiff but still flexible. Wrap a piece of duct tape around the pantyhose at the tops of the legs to seal them shut. Repeat this process on three other pair of black pantyhose.

Place the ends of the pantyhose under the body of the spider close to the end where the head meets the body and so the ends with the rocks in the them are extending away from the body. Place two pair of legs on each side so the spider has four legs on each side. Bend the middles of the legs up and the rocks on the ends will anchor them to the ground.

Measure and cut two pieces of red or yellow duct tape to 3 inches long and stick them on the front of the head for eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • 33-gallon trash bag
  • Dead leaves or old clothing
  • Duct tape
  • 13-gallon trash bag
  • Black pantyhose
  • Rocks
  • Old newspapers
  • Ruler
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