How to Decorate with Jungle Vines

Updated February 21, 2017

With towering trees, colourful flowers and distinctive wildlife, the jungle is full of inspiration for decorating ideas. You can incorporate either real or artificial jungle vines into any space to contribute to a tropical vibe. Whether you're decorating for a one-time event or looking for a permanent place, show off your wild side by using jungle vines.

Decorate your terrarium with jungle vines. Purchase dried pieces of the vines and lay them flat on the dirt among the plants or stand them up along the back or in the corner, leaning against the glass. Jungle vines add an authentic look to a tropical terrarium.

Use jungle vines for decorating a theme party. Make your own jungle vines for a low-cost decorating solution. Remove the bottom of a brown grocery bag and cut through one side so it opens up. Twist the bag into thin strips to create the vines. Attach several bag vines with tape to form a longer one. Tape the vines from the ceiling near tropical tree decorations. Create a scalloped look by taping the vines along the party table.

Add artificial jungle vines to a rainforest themed children's play area or bedroom. Use only in areas for older children to avoid choking hazards. Install a swinging rope from a ceiling to represent a vine. Hang the vines along the edge of a ceiling. Glue a vine to the wall to create a three-dimensional effect in a mural.

Incorporate jungle vines into your outdoor pool or patio area. Weave the vines in and out of lattice fencing or deck railings. Drape the vines from trees or plants in the yard. Tie bows of jungle vines on your outdoor furniture for a distinctive decoration.


Real jungle vines may be less flexible than artificial ones. For decorating projects where you need a pliable material, stick to artificial vines, which may include an interior wire for easy bending. Purchase real jungle vines from terrarium supply shops either in person or through online retailers. Some plant nurseries may carry varieties as well. Use vines with leaves attached for added colour.

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