How to Tip a Snooker Cue

Updated February 21, 2017

Snooker and pool cues are tipped with rounded leather tips. Over time, these tips wear down, reducing the action you can put on the cue ball when making a shot. While some cues use screw-on tips, these are considered to be of lesser quality than glued-on tips. Replacing these glued-on tips cannot be accomplished quickly, so plan to replace leather tips well in advance of using the cue for play.

Lay the pool cue on its side on a flat surface with the tip near you.

Locate the division between the plastic at the end of the cue and the leather tip, then place the razor blade on this division. Take care not to cut or mar the plastic. Gently apply pressure to the razor blade while slowly rolling the cue back and forth. This will cut the leather tip from the plastic end of the cue.

File away any remaining glue from the plastic end of the cue while being careful not to file the plastic itself.

Apply a dab of the snooker tip glue to the end of the plastic, then press the new leather tip firmly into place on the end of the cue. The tips are double-sided, so it does not matter which side of the tip you glue to the cue.

Allow the tip to dry overnight, then use the emery board to shape the new leather tip into a rounded shape to finish the tip installation.


To maintain a perfectly shaped cue tip, obtain a cue tip rounder, a specialised tool which shapes and properly scuffs the leather tip.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor blade
  • Emery board
  • Glue-on leather tip
  • Snooker tip glue
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