How to Glue Stone to Wood

miniature railway image by Tom Curtis from

When crafting small projects, some enthusiasts come across the task of gluing stone to wood. Using thick glues such as hot glue may be reliable, however they leave large amounts of residue which can be extremely unattractive. Choosing the right glue is one of the most important tasks in gluing stone to wood.

Rough up the area of wood where you intend to place the stone. Using 80-grit sandpaper will penetrate the surface enough to open the pours on the wood so it will absorb more glue.

Rough up the surface of the stone along the edge that you plan on attaching to the wood. Use the sandpaper to achieve the flattest surface as possible. The surface will contain numerous abrasions from the sandpaper, however try to achieve the flattest surface as opposed to the smoothest.

Apply polyurethane adhesive to the sanded side of the stone as well as the sanded area of wood. Some reliable polyurethane adhesives are Gorilla Glue and Titebond, which both host the ability to join these two materials.

Press the glued edge of stone to the glued area of wood. Hold in place for one to two minutes applying extreme pressure to form a stronger bond.

Set the stone and wood connection aside for 10 to 20 minutes to allow adhesive to dry.