How to Glue Fabric to Plywood

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Wood and fabric are common combinations when it comes to creating attractive and reliable crafts. Some individuals choose to wrap fabric around wood to create doll house furniture, while others create decorative centrepieces for tables. Whatever the reason may be, attaching fabric to plywood is a relatively simple task that any individual can complete with a little patience.

Plug in your hot glue gun, and stick a hot glue stick into the hole in the rear of the gun. Allow the gun to heat up for three to five minutes.

Lay your fabric out in the desired pattern. Whether you want to wrap the fabric around the wood or create a ruffled appearance, you can do so with a little preparation.

Apply a line of glue along the edge of the plywood. Press the edge of the fabric onto the glue line immediately. Apply additional hot glue to each area where you want to attach the fabric.

If you are wrapping the plywood completely, line the edge, and press the fabric onto the edge. Apply hot glue to each edge, and wrap the fabric around. Apply a thin line of hot glue over the first area of fabric glued, and press the fabric along the top to enclose the wood.

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